Send a Teams message to yourself with Power Automate


step-by-step description to set up a flow in Power Automate that sends a message to yourself in Teams on weekdays (Monday to Friday):

Sign up with Power Automate: Go to and sign up for a free account using your Microsoft account credentials.

 Create a new flow: Click on "My flows" in the left-hand menu, then click on "New flow" > "Automated cloud flow." Give your flow a name (e.g., "Weekday Message") and choose the "Recurrence" trigger. Set the interval and frequency as per your requirement (e.g., every 1 day).


For Example:

To run this flow Daily, at 08:30 AM

Add a condition for the day of the week: In your flow, add a new action called "Condition." In the condition, use the following expression in the first field: dayOfWeek(utcNow()). Set the comparison operator to "is greater than or equal to" and enter 1 in the second field (1 for Monday) Click on "Add row" and set the comparison operator to "is less than or equal to" and enter 5 (5 for Friday) in the second field. This condition checks if the current day is a weekday (Monday to Friday).

Detail of the Condition:

If yes - add an action to send a message in Teams: In the "If yes" branch, add a new action using the "Microsoft Teams" connector. Choose the "Microsoft Teams - Post message in a chat or channel" action.

Configure the Teams message action: In the "Post message in a chat or channel" action, fill in the following fields:

Post as: Flow bot

Post in: Chat with flow bot

Recipient: add your contact email

Message: Enter the message you want to send to yourself in Teams (e.g., "Have a productive day!").

Save and test your flow: Click on "Save" in the top right corner of the screen to save your flow. Test your flow to make sure it's working correctly and sending the message to yourself in Microsoft Teams on weekdays.

See your Reminder message from Power Automate in Teams

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